Our Testimonials


“Most engaging and inspiring tour EVER”

It’s a tough call when you are travelling as a family to justify a private tour… but I’m so glad we took the advice of a friend and connected with Luxe Tours owned and operated by Amy Doherty.

Our family including 2 teens had Rome as our last port of call on a month long trip. We had seen and done so much already… but Rome clearly was the most extraordinary in terms of antiquity. The scale of the excavations and complexity of history, meant that Amy’s private tours help us extract so much more in a short time.

We actually booked 2 tours – first the Vatican City then a more generalist custom tour on Amy’s recommendation of the Basilica of San Clemente /Palatine Hill / Roman Forum / Pantheon /Trevi Fountain / Spanish Steps. We did the Coliseum by ourselves the day before (later regretting that we hadn’t done it with Amy!).

So why book with Luxe?

– every detail is personalised… the meeting spot, the areas of focus, the “way” the tour is delivered so that it’s interesting and compelling for everyone in your group

– Amy and her guides are funny! Not to mention degree qualified and highly knowledgeable

– no language barriers… Amy is an Aussie (say no more!)

– jump the queue everywhere (and the queues can be massive)

– access to secret spots, insights that only a local would know

– we were not just sheep being herded by a droning on tour guide with a stick in the air with a red scarf on top… (ever noticed how disinterested those groups are??)

– spend longer at spots where you have more questions and less where it’s too busy or less interesting

I really could go on and on…

But it really does boil down to this. We really enjoyed our time with Amy and another guides Inger – they brought Rome to life for us. There are so many lessons to be learnt from history and we are incredibly grateful for Luxe tours knowledge and “the way they do things”.

Now that we know they run tours all over Italy, they are top of our list when we return someday.

So… don’t hesitate… book it! You’ll never regret it!!

Catherine P.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Jan 2018

“Underground amazing tour”

Can truely recommend Amy for tours, had a great morning seeing under churches, catacombs and a museum of bones!! Truly an unforgettable experience. Amy engaged with each and everyone of us and we really had an enjoyable time with her.


Luxe Associates Travel Client - Jan 2018

“World’s best tour guide?”

Amy guided my large family through Rome superbly, blending both the iconic sites and many hidden spots. She kept the entire family spellbound – a remarkable feat given the diverse interests and attention spans within our group.

One of my primary school children had been warning me beforehand how she is a “21st century girl and history is pointless”. Months later, she still looks for every opportunity to introduce Roman history into her assignments and presentations. Thanks Amy!

Amy’s ability to keep the children engaged while still enabling we adults to absorb much more content was outstanding.

We recommend Luxe Associates with gusto!

Paul O.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Nov 2017

“Amazing tours”

Amy was an excellent guide, not only in Rome but in her organisation of other tours in other cities with her colleagues- all were fabulous experiences. Amy was highly engaging with both primary and high school aged children and gave detailed and energetic presentation on all three of the tours that she took my family for, using books and photos on a tablet to enhance her explanations. She had excellent knowledge on Ancient Rome and the development and change of Rome overtime, up to the present day and was able to answer any questions about the history of Rome or the city culturally. Amy was highly organised throughout all three tours, ensuring that information was relevant to all members of the family and was able to adapt itinerary to meet my family’s needs. Amy immersed my family in the culture of Rome through her tours and terrific local knowledge of the area and recommend local restaurants with food catering to all members of the family. Her warmth, vibrancy and passion made our time with Amy incredibly memorable. I highly recommend Amy to anyone for her personal tours in Rome and her organisation of tours across other parts of the country.


Luxe Associates Travel Client - Oct 2017

“WOW! a jewel in Roma – Amy/ Luxe Associates Travel”

Amy’s passion for history, art and gastronomy just oozes out, and quite scarily we only managed to touch the tip of the iceberg of her extensive knowledge.
She is particularly great with children and we cannot believe how attentive our boys were with her. Amy – a native English speaker – is articulate and always professional.

We loved the bespoke tours as she worked around all our needs and likes. One of our party is fascinated by Roman history and the cross over of Roman/Greek mythology, he is also learning Latin. Another is an art lover and went recently to the Raphael exhibition in Oxford. Amy kindly incorporated this into the tours – she spoke about mythology as well as showing us Raphael’s resting place and a real Raphael painting in the Vatican gallery.

LAT over delivered our expectations.
We would highly recommend LAT and we will be back for more soon!

LAT organised our airport transfers, we did 3 tours around Rome and 1 tour in Pompeii. Although Amy did not do our tour in Pompeii – Lili was equally amazing – well vetted by LAT as they were very knowledgable.

We are a family of 4 (2 adults and boys aged 10/8).

Karin J.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Oct 2017

“How to see Roma when you only have a day – Call Amy”

So my dilemma was how to see as much of Roma, get a great understanding of it’s history and have an experience to remember. Amy delivered such a great day that I’m still telling everyone about it.

I had some knowledge of Roman history, architecture and art, but Amy tied this all together with her amazing knowledge of the Roman Empire and its art history through the centuries.

This one day in Roma has been the highlight of my trip and all because of Amy’s expertise in suggesting the itinerary and adopting it as she understood what my level of knowledge was.

I cannot recommend Amy and Luxe Associates Travel to completely look after you and provide and experience which you will remember for ever.


Luxe Associates Travel Client - Sep 2017

“Great Tour Guide”

My husband, daughter and I were very pleased having Amy as our own personal tour guide. She took us to see the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum (“skip the line”). She is a great tour guide and very knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend Amy for your tours in Italy.


Luxe Associates Travel Client - Aug 2017

“Amy is a must for your visit to Rome!”

Amy Doherty is an amazing guide. We were fortunate to have her with us for 2 tours – the first was a tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum and the second for the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters. She was impressive with her knowledge and very good at explaining what we were seeing and the history behind it. She brought along a book and a tablet that she utilized to show us pictures of what some of the sights looked like back in the day. We have a 10 year old and a 12 year old, so this creative way of presenting the information was very good in helping the children visualize things they may not find familiar. She was also great at sharing fun facts and highlighting things that the kids found interesting. She even played a game with the children as we went through the Vatican, asking them to recall information that she previously shared and finding certain symbols in the art, etc. Amy was warm and friendly and really was passionate about the subject matter. She has a degree in Ancient Roman History, so I think would be a great guide for adults and families, alike. We would highly recommend Amy!!!

Damian McG

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Aug 2017

“Vatican City: Popes, Patrons & Painters… as led by Amy”

What a great start we had to our first Italy vacation with our Vatican tour, led by the affable, Aussie-turned-Roman… Amy! We were most impressed with Amy even before we got to Rome and met her, thanks to the tremendously prompt, efficient and thorough email communications we were able to have with her before the trip, so that all of our pre-tour questions were well answered. Meeting her on the morning of the tour was a true pleasure and as we sat down for initial introductions and an overview of what we would experience at the Vatican, we knew had made the right choice for a guide. Throughout our tour, Amy demonstrated incredible knowledge of her subject matter, total enthusiasm for her work, and most importantly, she was warm and kind, and always mindful to take note of our comfort and needs on a steaming hot July day. We would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a phenomenal, private tour of the Vatican or other tours in Rome. Grazie, Amy!


Luxe Associates Travel Client - July 2017

“Fantastic guide!”

Amy was our guide in Rome for a tour of the Colloseum, Roman Forum and Church of St Clements. I have two teenagers and a 10 year old and she pitched the tour perfectly for all of us! We met her on our first day and she helped set the foundation information for the rest of our time and tours in Rome. We were so impressed we organised another tour with her of St Peters Basillica, Castel St Angelo and the Jewish quarter which were all fascinating. She is a very friendly easygoing person who answered all our questions with a smile and she was genuinely good company! She is so well educated and had obviously put time and effort into preparing a tour specific to our needs. Although I had been to Rome several times before I feel like I finally have a great grasp of the city’s history. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone visiting Rome, especially if you have children. They loved her!
Thanks so much Amy for making our Rome visit so engaging and memorable!
Sydney, Australia


Luxe Associates Travel Client - July 2017

“Personalised Rome Tour by Amy”

We booked Amy for 5 hours and her knowledge was impeccable. She tailored the tour around us as we were very exhausted from a long haul flight from Asia. She also highlighted fab restaurants and gave us our bearings. She is a must in Rome for families, adults or what ever your group consists of. She may be an Aussie but you’d have no idea… a walking encyclopaedia!


Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2017

“Absolute must in Rome”

I highly recommend anyone travelling to Rome to contact Amy for a private tour. My 15 year old son & I had an amazing afternoon. Amy is very knowledgeable & most of all kept us entertained all afternoon (sometimes hard to achieve with teenagers).
Thank you for helping us create our special memories Amy… till next time Ciao!

Amanda F.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2017

“Great Custom Tours”

My family and I were in Rome for four days , and I had trouble arranging the itinerary of some of the places that we wanted to visit as a family. Amy was very helpful in helping me come up with a workable itinerary. Because of that, we got to see Rome as we wanted: not just the common tourist sites, but other interesting aspects, including the photographic, cultural, historical and food aspects.

Both Amy and Jacobo (our driver for the tour) were friendly and professional, and always willing to help….including shopping for a pair of shoes, and stopping for a nice break at a quaint little cafe along the Appian Way for refreshing and delicious ice -cream , a tasty pizza lunch at Origano’s , or visiting the market at Campo de’ Fiori for olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting 🙂

With her guide and tour experience, knowledge of the different places (including the history) , her enthusiasm, and indefatigable energy, Amy just made our custom tours really enjoyable, entertaining and unforgettable.

So, thank you, Amy, for being a wonderful guide to us.


Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2017

“Sight seeing with a new friend”

I cannot recommend highly enough Amy and in particular one of her guides Nicola – they are so professional and informative yet manage to make the experience like a day out with good friends. Completely fluent in Italian and English these lovely ladies come with a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ recommendation !
A heartfelt thank you for a wonderful experience that will last forever x
Do yourself a favor and book with Luxe associates travel

Neda N.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - May 2017

“Incredible – First class tour”

Brilliant!! We had an amazing tour of the Vatican during our visit to Rome. Amy was phenomenal, she is friendly with a great sense of humour and a warm and welcoming manner making the tour fun as well as interesting. Her passion, enthusiasm for the city and knowledge of its history along with some great storytelling provided an excellent experience. If you’re in Rome make this tour a priority. Thank you very much Amy! My family from Ireland were delighted to meet you and really enjoyed our afternoon together. We will be recommending your tour to friends, family and anyone visiting Rome.

Brian M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - May 2017

“The Amazing Amy”

We had a walking tour in Rome with Amy for the afternoon yesterday. She took us to places that we would never have seen on our own as well as a couple of the major tourist attractions. Her knowledge is incredible, the tour was filled with interesting history stories and not a bunch of boring details that some guides rattle off. It was also a relaxing and fun afternoon, Amy is excellent, a pleasure to be with.

David I.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - April 2017

“Best Tour Guide in Rome!”

We were introduced to Amy through a tour guide we’d previously used in Venice, and we are so glad to have made the introduction. We travelled to Rome for 4 days, and organised a private tour with Amy on our first morning. She was so helpful from the moment we spoke to her about the trip – suggesting itineraries and offering to help with transfers – all so appreciated. The Luxe website has a good overview of the selection of tours, which helped us select our preference and Amy adapted this for us to ensure all our preferences and needs were catered for. Amy has a bubbly and energetic personality and was truly fun to spend time with – she was relaxed and most of all hugely knowledgeable about Rome and all it’s glorious history, and brought this through with a broad selection of anecdotes and stories that really brought Rome to life for us. Amy knows this city and navigated us around it with complete ease – and was happy to make suggestions for the rest of our trip. Our only regret was not booking her for our other tours! When I compare the price for the ‘skip the line’ tickets for the Colosseum and Vatican City there’s not much difference in price, and I am sure those tours, whilst good, would have been even better in Amy’s company. Highly recommended for anyone travelling to Rome or across Italy where Amy’s team has coverage. Thanks again Amy for making our trip to Rome so enjoyable and memorable.

Dilly D.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - April 2017

“Excellent tour guide in Rome!”

Amy is fantastic. Fluent and unaccented in both english and Italian, she is the perfect guide for the english speaker. Her knowledge of Roman/Italian history, what to see, where to eat, and how much to pack into a day is amazing, and she communicates that very well. In addition, she was able to organize our entire trip, from our arrival at the airport to our departure a week later. Amy is incredibly fun to be with and our family trip (8 adults) was a smashing success! Thanks AMY!!

Raul B.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - March 2017

“Best tour of the Vatican/Holy See with Amy, Luxe Associates Travel”

I had no interest in going to the Vatican to see the sights with the usual large crowd either on my own or on a tour, until I picked up a brochure at Domus Australia for Luxe Associates Travel, founded by Amy Doherty. I gave her a call and once we had talked I knew that her ‘Popes, Patrons and Painters’ guided tour was what I wanted to do with two friends who were visiting Rome for the first time. It was a great choice. Everything was very professional and Amy was a charming knowledgeable guide, not surprising given that she is a scholar of Ancient Roman history. The tour was very personal and we were not talked at, but rather we could engage in a dialogue about the wonderful treasures and places we were seeing. Yes, it was crowded, even on this winter’s day, but Amy navigated us through as if we were on our own. I cannot recommend Amy and Luxe Associates Travel more highly. Amy has a great portfolio of other tours too and I cannot wait until I meet up with her again, as my Italian speaking Aussie guide in Italy.

Judy J.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - March 2017

“Ostia Antica”

Amy was an excellent tour guide on this wonderful private excursion to a perfectly fine substitute for the crowds of Pompei. A hidden gem in Italy that few seem to visit, but that’s too bad for them! Amy is full of life (Roman life that is) and her Australian accent adds to her charm. We loved our visit to Rome and this excursion in particular. No rush whatsoever with this gal and will recommend her highly to those travelling there. I hope to meet her again on our next travels to Italia!!!! Thank you Amy!

Alexandra G.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - February 2017

“Family friendly tour of ancient Rome”

Amy was an amazing tour guide and captivated the attention of our family of 5 through our 2.5 hour tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Her knowledge, preparation and ability to convey her information to our younger children (aged 9 and 4) was outstanding. We recommend Amy to anyone wishing to explore Rome in a fun environment.

Jen & Chris M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - February 2017

“Fantastic Kids Friendly Tours of Rome”

After meeting Amy on a tour when my husband and I travelled to Rome we decided that she would be a perfect guide for our family of five (girls aged 4, 5, 7) when we travelled to Rome over our summer break. Via email, we were able to set up tours over a 3 day period that were around 3 hours in length, that we all thought would be both enjoyable for the our kids and the adults.

We met Amy by the Spanish Steps for our first tour and our girls loved her straight away. Amy was animated and engaged with the children and while explaining the history of Rome, she was also able to get the children involved by having them count bees on building, see how many SPQRs they could find and encouraging them to drink from the big nose! Day one set the tone for the rest of our tours and the girls were thrilled to wake up each morning and meet Amy for our next adventure.

For our second tour we went to the Coliseum. The girls were thrilled to receive a book about the coliseum that had 3 D images and showed all of the different events and activities that happened there. The book helped to bring the building to life for them and it is still a treasured gift today.

For our last day we rented a van and took a tour just outside of Rome. The girls loved visiting the park and looking over the city, looking through the key hole to see 3 different states and seeing the ancient aqueducts.
Amy’s service also goes above and beyond organizing your tour. She was also able to recommend restaurants that were family friendly and catered for food allergies, and give us additional ideas to entertain the children on the days we were not going on a tour.

Overall, we had an amazing vacation and the tours that Amy organized for us were perfect. We had tried a number of other tours during our summer trip but Amy was the only one who was able to engage our children, keep them entertained and happy, which is exactly what we needed. I would recommend Amy and Luxe Associates to anyone considering traveling to Rome, especially if they have small children.

Terri S.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - February 2017


We travel in a small group of five people all over Rome for 4 days ,and We all had a fantastic time with her, She deserve every compliment ,she ie smart , funny, I think she is a comedian or have her own stand up show ,but she was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional too.
It’s like being with a friend , but a one that can tell you so much and in an interesting and funny way,I would definitely take another tour with her if I will return to Italy.
Thank you so much Amy for taking care of us , keep your great laugh and smile (:

Itamar B.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - January 2017

“The Perfect Tour Guide (native English and fluent Italian)”

Amy is awesome. You will not find a better guide. We were a group of 11 traveling from Tennessee. Can you imagine a guide having to put up with us? We originally booked Luxe for the underground Rome tour. It was great. So, we then booked for Vatican City and the Colosseum/Palatine/Forum tours. We booked late and there was no way to get advance tickets for Vatican City (visiting on the epiphany). Amy stood in line with us at Vatican City on the coldest day in Rome this Winter for 3 hours waiting to get in. That is a dedicated tour guide.

Amy’s native language is English and she has been living in Italy for some time and speaks fluent Italian. She is extremely knowledgeable about the tour sites but also knows the local life. All I can say is you will not go wrong if you are looking for an English speaking tour guide. Oh yea, Amy is also a lot of fun. She is very professional but not easily offended and willing to sink to your level (mine was a tough group of powersports dealer staff).

Stan S.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - January 2017

“Fantastic afternoon”

We are a family of 5 from Sydney who had the good fortune to be given Amy’s details for a private tour in Rome. We booked the underground tour and were amazed by the sights and Amy’s knowledge and passion for Rome. My husband and I had been to Rome a couple of times but hadn’t even heard of these sights to see. Our kids (aged 11, 9 and 8) loved Amy as she made the information relevant and interesting for them and we loved seeing them get into it and ask a million questions. It was so nice to be just us and not part of a huge group. Thank you Amy for being the highlight of the trip!

Jude M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - December 2016

“The Best”

Brother booked a couple of tours with Amy/Luxe. I was absolutely impressed by her knowledge, education, sense of humor and ability to put detail into historical perspective. As much as these things set her apart, they are dwarfed by her passion and love for what she does. I couldn’t imagine the trip without her expertise and guidance.

Chris B.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - December 2016

“Great tours of Rome and the Vatican”

Our family (7 adults) used Luxe for tours of major Rome sights, the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. Each of the tours was fabulous. Our guide (Amy) was incredibly well informed, engaging and fun. Everyone in our family loved her. Her background, education and passion really set her apart.

Bart B.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - December 2016

“Tremendous tour with an extremely knowledgeable and engaging guide”

I’ve taken a number of tours in Rome with various tour companies, notably the “bigger tour companies”. My experience with Luxe Associates Travel, however, has been far and above superior to all of the others. The professionalism, friendliness and deep knowledge of the culture, history and even current archaeological efforts was outstanding. Everything was very well organized, and my guide was able to answer every one of my questions – even offering to follow up with details on various topics for which I expressed interest.

The passion and warmth of my guide made the tours with Luxe the BEST I’ve had in Rome. In fact, for my planned return to Rome in a few months, I’ll only book with Luxe for any and all tours.

HIGHLY recommended and can’t wait to return to Rome for more tours with Luxe!

Tom M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - November 2016

“Excellent tour of Galleria Borghese”

I joined an afternoon tour of the Borghese Gallery on 12 November. Amy was a fabulous guide – so knowledgeable, inspiring and enthusiastic. I appreciated the magnificent sculptures and artworks so much more having Amy explain the history and the context, and drawing attention to the subtle details of the pieces. One of the highlights of my trip to Rome and highly recommended.

Marguerite C.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - November 2016

“Rome tours”

Luxe organised tours for us as part of a group in Rome. Thoroughly enjoyed the tours. Our guide, Amy, was very knowledgeable and had it all organised. People in the group learnt a great deal.

Also went on a tour with Amy as our guide to Assisi and it went very smoothly. All transport sorted, plus tickets, etc. I have studied some Roman history myself and Amy certainly knows her stuff. She delivered the tours with lots of enthusiasm so it wasn’t just going through the motions. This made it all the more enjoyable. Would recommend Luxe if you are looking for tours in Rome and surrounding areas.

Gavin L.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - November 2016

“Outstanding and educational walking tour.”

It was the most exciting walking tour my wife & I have ever had. Amy is so nice and pleasant. We really enjoyed every minute of the tour. I will surely recommend her to all my friends.

Tomas D.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - November 2016

“Venetian food and wine experience”

When we were unable to do the Rome tour our travelling companions arranged through Amy for this tour in Venice. We met Susanna at our hotel in Venice and embarked on this charming tour. Susanna was a wealth of knowledge on everything Venetian and could answer our numerous questions about history, politics, current issues and the art of Venice in great detail. During our discussions she took us to four wine bars, all small, different and delightful. One bar did not appear to have a name but was a smart tiny place with a passionate owner who recommended a variety of local wines.
Each stop we also tried the local chicetta, small tapas style food which was delicious. It was a merry evening where we learnt a lot about local eating styles and Venetian wine. A wonderful experience which we could not have achieved without Susanna’s friendly guidance.

Simon S.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - September 2016

“Excellent Walking Tours in Rome for first-timers. Thanks Amy.”

I would highly recommend Amy and Luxe Associates Travel for tours in Rome. We especially enjoyed the walking tours in Rome and she knows the area well, lovely coffee shops, restaurants and knowledgeable on the ancient sites, fountains, churches etc. If this is your first time to Rome and you are looking for a Aussie/English speaking guide who knows the city well, you should reach out to Amy. She is friendly, helpful and even went above and beyond to book us taxis and transfers to our next destinations. Thanks Amy.

Mark V.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - September 2016

“The Glories of Rome”

Thank you Amy for a truly memorable experience touring the highlights of Rome. This was my first visit to this glorious and ancient city. I was most grateful to be under the expert guidance of Amy for this memorable experience. I was consistently impressed by Amy’s extensive knowledge and passion for all things Roman which brought the whole experience to life. The transport arrangements were flawless and the sites we visited were spot on. Amy has a wonderful sense of humour and her interactions with the Romans is quite something to behold, particularly if she is defending a historic site from modern misuse. I have no hesitation in recommending Amy’s Luxe tours. I’ll definitely will be doing another tour with Luxe.

Timothy P.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - September 2016

“So knowledgable, more facts on Rome, than the Italians”

I went on a pilgrimage with my 89 year old father, and a group of churchgoers from his parish. Thank god Amy and Paolo were with us, Amy was very understanding of all the ages in the group. Her knowledge of Rome n other parts of Italy was amazing. I’m sure we were able to see more than a normal tour as Amy was able to charm her way through the lines. I’m not a church going catholic but I would not go to Rome again unless it was with a pilgrimage and Amy and Paolo leading the group

Tissi E.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Jul 2016

“Only reason I will come back to Rome!!”

We really challenged our guide Amy with a mixed group of small kids, teenagers and adults (1 Roman and several Americans)- but she definitely rose to the occasion! She is warm and witty and full of knowledge.

Kissy D.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Jul 2016

“my 50th birthday treat. .. THANK YOU AMY xx”

Luxe associates travel is highly recommended, I went to Rome with my son & was treated to a birthday surprise with a personal tour for us both with Amy. Amy was amazing, she is a fountain of knowledge and showed us around the local cuisines. It really made my first trip to Rome that extra special … x x

Lesley C.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Jun 2016

“Amazing tours with Amy”

We booked two customised tours with Amy Doherty for our Rome visit and we highly recommend they were exceptional. Travelling with my 10 year old I was concerned about her attention span however Amy captivated both her and I with such interesting facts and knowledge. She is highly educated and informed on Rome as it stands today and the Ancient Rome, enthusiastic and fun. Fluent in English and Italian. We will definitely book another tour/s when next in Italy.

Suzanna H.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Perfect pilgrimage guide for Rome!”

Our family of 4 were on pilgrimage with another family of 3. Amy was recommended by the wonderful owners at La Cupola del Vaticano where we stayed. She guided us through underground Rome– Catacombs, Crypts and Basilica of San Clemente as well as the Vatican museums and Basilica of St. Peter’s the next day. It was all perfect, highly educational and spiritually moving. She is awesome, knowledgeable, fun and respectful of all the religious locations. Also, her tours are very reasonably priced. So much better than the large group tours. We look forward to our next trip to Rome and tours with Amy. Thank you for making our visit such a memorable one. Don’t look any further–book your tours with Amy!

Gabby S.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Excellent tours”

We were two families, total of 7. We wanted a catacombs tour but they were closed on Monday and somehow Amy managed to get them to open just for us, we were the only ones there! Next day we had a Vatican tour with Amy. She was one of the few guides that respected silence in Sistine Chapel and took the time before entering to tell us about it, unlike others there. She is very knowledgeable and personable; we enjoyed having her guide us through the first two days and would definitely book with her again!

Mary M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Private Basilica and church tour”

Amy is incredible. We were staying at the Domus Australia and one of the staff told us about Amy. She sent of a quick text and lucky for us Amy was open the next morning. In a few hours she put together a tour of St. Clement, St. John Lateran, the Holy Stairs, and St. Mary Major. She is very personable and knowledgeable about all things Roman. She is a good communicator and allowed us to be flexible with our timing since this was our first trip to Rome. Our tour was personally tailored to what we wanted. We will definitely us Amy again.

Thomas W.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Amazing Tour of Bassilica St. Peter’s, Colosseum & Pantheon”

Amy came highly recommended to us from friends in Australia. Amy was very professional, informative and personable which made our amazing day in Rome even more memorable. Our tour was individualised to suit our family’s must-sees given our short stay.

Would highly recommend Amy as she is the most informative guide that you will ever meet in Rome!

Betty K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Fantastic and Enjoyable Tour”

Fantastic 🙂 the tour given to us by Amy was amazing, we thoroughly enjoyed our personal tour. We were taken to places we would never have known about if it was not for Amy. She was knowledgable about the topics on Roman culture and history. I would highly recommend the tour to anyone 🙂 many thanks

Shane C.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Knowledgeable Amy”

My wife,niece and myself booked Amy for 2 half day private tours over two days and we were all very satisfied with the tour, I would highly recommend Amy if you want to enjoy your trip in Rome

Victor D.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Exceptional tour of the vatican”

From the moment we met Amy we were embraced with warmth. Amy’s passion and love for this country is intoxicating. We chose Luxe Associates as several friends recommended Amy and we were blown away. Having a young family travelling we wanted to learn as much as we could whilst visiting the Vatican-this was my 4th Vatican visit and this was by far the most informative and comprehensive tour yet also with a personal touch.

Amy’s knowledge of Ancient Roman history is outstanding-her enthusiasm is inspiring to say the least!!

Our 3.5 hr tour was so enjoyable-didn’t even seem that long!

All I can say is that throughout dinner afterwards all we could speak about was Amy and what we had learnt from her!!

Margaret H.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Very professional friendly guide”

We were a group of 8, 4 adults, 4 children (ages 11-14) . We had 2 full days and 2 half days in Rome. We decided to book with Amy (recommended by our hotel) The Glory of Rome tour as we thought the children would enjoy this. Thankfully they did, as Amy made it very interesting for them and they enjoyed asking questions. It was a great tour. Amy is very knowledgeable and it was a very enjoyable 3 hours . We wished we would have had longer and therefore would of arranged other tours with Amy. We highly recommend Luxe Associates Travel.

Natalie S.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Vespa- and Food-Tour in Naples”

Having heard of Luxe’s amazing tours in Rome we decided to book a food and vespa tour in Naples. Amy was very professional organising it and checked every step of the booking personally. You always feel in good hands. The tour guide was funny, friendly and had a lot of very interesting history facts and anecdotes about Napoli to tell us. We made our own Pizza and were shown where the locals eat and drink – so much fun.

Grazie per la giornata bellissima!

Hannes E.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2016

“Only reason I will come back to Rome!!”

I wasn’t too sure about Rome until I met Amy, up until then I didn’t care too much about coming back. After a minute talking to Amy I knew we were going to have a great time! We only had the pleasure of taking 3 tours with Amy, and my only regret is that we didn’t meet her sooner! I will only come back to Rome if she is our tour guide, not only is she fantastically fun she is so knowledgeable about everything and knows fun facts the Romans don’t even know! Our tours with any were the highlight of my trip to Italy, and I can’t wait to make a trip back for more!! 100/10 would recommend!!

Maddy C.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - May 2016

“Amy brings Ancient Rome to life”

Recently my husband and I had the great fortune of spending several days with Amy in Rome. We visited Hadrian’s villa, the Tivoli gardens, Villa D’Este, the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum and the Galleria Borghese. Amy’s passion for Rome is totally contagious and with her wonderful knowledge of history and the stories of the characters of Rome throughout the centuries, she made visiting Rome Amy went above and beyond to make sure that she delivered an experience we will never forget.

When we arrived at the Coliseum, Amy was determined that we would really understand what we were going to see. She set the picture from the start explaining how we would have had to hire a toga and purchase our tessera (a small terracotta token) to get in, with the aid of electronic and print media Amy showed us how the ruins would have appeared and the entertainment the spectators expected to see.

When it was time to leave Rome Amy ensured that our vacation in Italy continued to be enchanting by suggesting other fabulous areas to see and included organising a tour guide in southern Italy.

I wouldn’t even think twice, the first thing I will do for my next visit to Rome is to book Amy. She even knows the best place in Rome for Gelato …

Patricia K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - May 2016

“110% worth it!”

I studied abroad last spring in Italy. My mom and aunt came to visit in April and wanted to take a tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Amy was our tour guide and I can’t explain how much of a help she was. She is very knowledgable, fun and very experienced with her studies. I am looking forward to booking with Amy again during my next trip! Amy also offers tours in other parts of Italy – she’s very very unique and unlike any other tour guide I had while I was abroad for 4 months. Highly recommend!

Gabby L.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - April 2016

“Awesome Amy”

We were lucky enough to spend 1 1/2 days with Amy in Rome. She is a fountain of enthusiasm and knowledge. She also has a great sense of humour.

Amy has a university degree in ancient roman history, and was able to answer every obscure question thrown at her by my husband.

English is her first language, but she is fluent in Italian and seems to know people all over the city. She was happy to direct us to great places to visit and restaurants to try when we weren’t with her.

Wonderful way to see Rome, highly recommended.

Melinda E.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - April 2016

“A Must!”

What a perfect way to see the Rome that as a tourist you will never find. Our market tour was fantastic from start to finish, and Amy is energetic, professional, friendly and beyond knowledgeable. We were treated to a gastronomic extravaganza, espresso, bakery, charcuterie, small family open air market, lunch and gelato perfection…with history, architecture and more than a sprinkling of humor mixed in. In addition Amy organized a cooking class for us the next day that was equally wonderful. Anything you book with or through Amy is sure to be a grand success.

C. P.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - March 2016

“Great tour! Unique Perspective.”

I really enjoyed Amy’s unique perspective on the history and politics behind some of Rome’s greatest monuments. I also like that she took us to some lesser known places in order to give us a more complete picture of how ancient Rome relates to how the city is today. I would definitely love to take another tour with Amy!

Kasper K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - January 2016

“Let Amy show you Rome like you’ve never seen it before”

After many years of travel, I can hand on heart say that Amy of Luxe is simply the best guide I’ve ever experienced. A transplanted Australian with a love of laughter and all things Italian, her genuine passion and life-long thirst for knowledge about Rome and its culture and history, shone through at every turn. With no language barriers, our chats found a depth that would not be possible with an ‘English as the 2nd language’ guide. And the fact that her Italian is 100% fluent meant we were never at a disadvantage.

My wife, 14 year old daughter and I joined her over 4 days and while her tours of the obvious attractions were terrific, it was when she took us off the beaten track that she went from 6 stars to 7. Her Culinary Walk was especially memorable, roaming back streets to meet friends running market stalls and small, local delis and the like.

The freshest tastings served with local vino by happy and attentive locals. A wonderful morning! I thoroughly recommend you allow Amy to make your next visit to Rome a once in a lifetime experience.

Guy M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - January 2016

“You need some Awesome Amy in your Roman holiday. Trust me.”

What can I say? Amy was truly amazing. Super vibrant personality that can seamlessly go back & forth from Aussie to Italiana local. We did the Culinary Walking tour, while the places themselves were super great; the buffalo mozzarella will change your life + best coffee in Rome (so much so we went back after the tour was over) but how Amy can accompany the food tour with such comprehensive back stories was what impressed me the most. And not only about the food but of Roma, Romans and everything in-between. Amy pretty much eluded a very special passion for Rome. Which is perfect for your Roma Tour Guide.

Lastly Amy went above & beyond your average tour guide, we felt like we were hanging out with an old mate really. We literally hung out an hour more than the allocated time, with Amy giving us all sorts of recommendations & directions.

Awesome Amy.

Tina N.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - January 2016

“Amazing day tour of Rome”

My husband and I spent a fantastic day with Amy on a private tour of a Rome and it’s outskirts. Amy is an excellent guide with a passion for Rome and it’s history . She is exceptionally knowledgeable and made it very interesting and fun. This is our 5 th trip to Rome, yet we experienced something new and learned about things we have missed before .An awesome day that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Teresa M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - December 2015

“Bespoke Tour Guide for Rome Highlights”

Amy Doherty (Luxe Founder & Managing a Director) hosted two 3-Hour guided tours for our family in Rome over two consecutive days. The first walking tour covered some of the key tourist attractions and historical sights in Rome, including the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Rome’s oldest cafe, amongst other sites. The second tour – a culinary tour of Rome – gave us an insight into why Romans love their food and wine and how they are a centrepiece of everyday life in Rome. Our family comprises my wife and I, our twin teenage daughters, and 10 year old son. Amy made the tour personal, gave us local anecdotes that gave each site context, demonstrating her classical training as a scholar of ancient Roman history, mixed with great humour, fun and pragmatism. Amy put everyone in our family at ease and made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable, while at the same time giving us enormous historical and current day insight into life in Rome. Don’t waste your time with other tour guides in Rome, Luxe Travel Associates are far and away the best.

Patrick T.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - December 2015

“Two Roman Tours”

Hi! My family (wife, four kids ages 9-17) and I have been in Rome this week and have been lucky enough to have run into Amy, from Luxe Associates Travel. She gave us a general tour of Rome on our first day in the city. I *highly* recommend this tour—it got us oriented to the city, it made manoeuvring easy for us, and this is most fun, she was so interesting as she covered a bunch of Roman/Italian history.

She is fascinating. She can speak to the various aspects of the very different architecture, then show us how best to work the cab systems. She took us to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, and several other stops. It was terrific!

We inquired about the catacombs and she offered to take my oldest kids on a tour the next day (her day off). What a treat—we had the Priscilla Catacombs to ourselves and she took us to the Cappuchin Crypt. She arranged for a car and took care of us. She is so knowledgeable and very generous with her time.

If you are thinking of looking at tours of Rome and the vicinity, please look her up. She is an absolute expert of Roman/Italian art, history, and culture. You will not be disappointed.

Eric K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - November 2015

“Fabulous tours of Rome!”

Amy, we want to thank you for our wonderful tours with you. The three half days were well planned and the sequence worked perfectly. It was like taking a tour with an old friend! We had three half days with Amy and her associate including “The Heart of Rome”, “Ancient Rome”, and “The Vatican”. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a true passion for Rome. Our tours were very informative and left us wishing we had more time. Amy never made us feel like she was watching the clock, but rather sharing what she loves with us. We stopped for coffee the two days we were with her, which added an additional personal touch. When we arrived in Rome, we had already been in Europe for two weeks with tours in Paris, throughout Germany, and in Prague. Luxe tours was by far the best! You should not miss an opportunity to really see Rome through her eyes and develop an understanding of this outstanding city. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Grammy F.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Oct 2015

“Vatican Museums”

If in Rome, definitely sort yourself a tour with Luxe Associates. We did the Vatican Museums with them. Inger our guide was truly amazing! Great to chat and hang with across the 3 plus hours… Totally informative and time just flew. We were treated to an espresso too at a cafe enroute! Hope to book back with Luxe soon for the next holiday. All the very best! Cheers. Shaan 🙂

Shaan B.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Oct 2015

“Excellent Tours in Rome”

Luxe Associates Travel is the absolute best way to see Rome! After a horrible experience getting from the airport to our accommodations, we were very disappointed. However, the next three days could not have been more perfect! Our private tours with Amy Doherty and her associate Luigi (10+ hours) were fun, informative, and totally enjoyable. Amy planned our itinerary in advance, providing a great balance of information and history at all the key sights for first time visitors. This was money and time very well spent on our part. She never rushed us, always had great stories, and was quick to adjust the plan to make sure we were able to see what we wanted to see. Amy recommended things to do in our spare time, and directed us to the “best” gelato! I highly recommend Luxe Associates, and hope to use them again in Rome (or elsewhere!) Thank you Amy!

Lynne H.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - Oct 2015

“Fantastic tour – Friendly, fun and informative”

Amy, our Rome and wine guide, was incredibly friendly and easy going. We had such a great night, which was a welcome end to a fairly stressful day of driving on Italian roads and dealing with tourists. We were really grateful for Amy, who walked us through some history, before taking us for a fantastic wine tasting in a really lovely setting. It was relaxed and Amy was happy to tailor things to our interests. We would highly recommend Luxe Associates Travel to others when in Rome.

Mardi S.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - August 2015

“Excellent tours – must book when in Rome!”

We can’t say enough good things about Luxe Associates and Amy, our guide. We booked two tours during our 3 day stay (Glory of Rome & Strolling Rome’s Heart) and it was the best decision we made. One of the stand outs for me is I’ve experienced tour guides that regurgitate historical information which makes it so boring! With so much information on Rome, Amy was able to break all that amazing history down in an informative, entertaining and passionate way so we were riveted the whole time. We only wished we were staying longer so we could have booked more tours with Amy. You really must book a tour with Luxe Associates when in Rome, it’ll be the best tour you’ve ever experienced.

Jane Y.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - July 2015

“A Culinary Walk of Rome: From the Roman Hills to the City’s Table”

Organised tours and tour guides can often be a bit hit and miss when traveling. The thought of following a guide waving a flag, ushering a dozen or more people comes to mind. Luxe Associates Travel provided my partner and I with a specialised intimate experience that was beyond our expectations. Ivy, our guide displayed a passion and knowledge of Rome, it’s people, food and culture. This 4hr excursion inspired and has encouraged us to return to the wonderful places introduced.

Christiaan C.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - July 2015

“Ancient Rome Brought to Life!”

Thanks to Luxe Associates Travel we had the best tour we have ever had! Amy’s tour was not only informative and insightful, it was fun and entertaining! All of my family, including my teenage children, were engaged with and really enjoyed the tour. Many thanks, we will book again when in Rome.

Kate H.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - July 2015

“Entertaining, informative and thoroughly enjoyable!”

Amy is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide who creates a wonderfully entertaining and informative tour. Our first tour introducing us to Rome impressed us so much that we quickly arranged a second tour exploring the underground sights. Amy didn’t have this tour running during our time in Rome but she was happy to schedule a time just for us! We appreciated the personal attention and the comfortable, flexible pace, even finding time for a coffee break. These tours were a highlight of our time in Rome!

Katrina J.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2015

“A wonderful insight into ancient Rome!”

This is by far the most enjoyable and informative tour we have ever taken. We were so glad that we booked Amy and Luxe Associates Travel! She made the Colosseum and the forum come alive with her passion for Roman history and her vibrant and engaging manner. Amy has a wonderful array of anecdotes and a deep knowledge of the city and its history. My teenage children thoroughly enjoyed the tour as well. Highly recommended!

Matthew M.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2015

 Amy, we want to thank you for our wonderful tours with you. The three half days were well planned and the sequence worked perfectly. It was like taking a tour with an old friend! We had three half days with Amy and her associate including “The Heart of Rome”, “Ancient Rome”, and “The Vatican”. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a true passion for Rome. Our tours were very informative and left us wishing we had more time. Amy never made us feel like she was watching the clock, but rather sharing what she loves with us. We stopped for coffee the two days we were with her, which added an additional personal touch. When we arrived in Rome, we had already been in Europe for two weeks with tours in Paris, throughout Germany, and in Prague. Luxe tours was by far the best! You should not miss an opportunity to really see Rome through her eyes and develop an understanding of this outstanding city. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Lynne H.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - June 2015

“Fantastic Experience”

Our walking tour of Ostia Antica was memorable mainly due to the knowledge and vibrancy of Amy. This place is a must to see, much better than Pompeii and so close to Rome. Would recommend Amy and Luxe any day!

Henry P.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - May 2015

“Great Experience”

Amy was incredibly intriguing and so genuine. The tour of the Vatican was amazing and I really felt like I had time to enjoy it myself rather than being rushed in a big group. Even though I was a tourist, I felt like I blended in and that the tour was well worth it.

Rebecca K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - March 2015

“Fun Adventure!”

What an amazing walking tour (in the rain, which did not change a thing) we had with Amy. Her knowledge of the history of Rome is wonderful! If we had more time there, we would have booked numerous tours with her. She is very special and she made me “fall in love” more with Rome than I already had. Would recommend Luxe Travel to everyone!!!

Mary K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - March 2015

“History, Stories, Knowledge and Fun”

Looking for a great tour experience in Rome? Make sure you contact Luxe. I did a walking tour with Amy and had an amazing time. I visited places I would not have ever gone to and learnt about the history of a Rome from a very knowlegable person. Being an Aussie Amy is lots of fun and made the three hours informative but best of all fun.

Mark K.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - October 2014

“Fabulous tours of Rome”

My husband and I traveled to Rome in September 2014 for a meeting. We had been to Rome once before, and wanted to see something different. Luxe Travel came highly recommended to us. It gave us exactly what we had hoped for. First, we signed up for a fabulous food tour of Rome with Alice Adams as our guide. We tasted cheeses, wine, local vegetables, prosciutto and had a delicious pasta lunch. Our second tour, with guide Amy Doherty, founder of Luxe Travel, was equally wonderful. This tour included a lesser-known church, Basilica of San Clemente, with a really cool surprise on a lower level, the Appian Way and the Roman Aqueduct. Both tour groups were small, with 6 people. It was a great way to be able to ask lots of questions and to get a wonderful appreciation for the way of life in Ancient and modern day Rome. I would recommend Luxe Travel to anyone!

Bernice D.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - October 2014

“Excellent walking tour!”

My husband and I loved the Strolling Rome’s Heart tour! We had never been to Rome before so it was a wonderful introduction to Rome and the major sites. Amy was so kind and helpful. She answered all of our questions and gave us information we never would have known. This was a fantastic start to our trip and we will be back on a tour next time we are in Rome!

Gabriela C.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - August 2014

“The Best Tour Company in Rome”

With only seven days in Rome, we booked as many tours as possible in order to learn as much as we could about this special place. The last tour on the agenda was with Amy from Luxe Associates and by far the best. Amy immediately struck us as someone vibrant and bursting with passion for Rome, however as our tour progressed we found that Amy’s extensive education, long held experience and deep connection to Italy held us captivated, even our easily bored 16 year old. In fact, no other tour leader had managed to engage our teenager quite like Amy. I wish we had booked her for all of our other tours.

We have recommended Luxe Associates to all of friends who have travelled to Rome and we will again be booking with Amy exclusively for our next visit. Thank you for your generosity, knowledge and professionalism.

Justine W.

Luxe Associates Travel Client - February 2014