New Years in Italy Luxe Associates Travel

28 December, 2019 | Amy Doherty

New Years in Italy Celebrated like a Local

  If you’re planning on having New Years in Italy check out some of these typical events that locals enjoy! Hey there reader! We provide private guided tours all around Italy. Book your next holiday here  The traditions hold strong in Italy Families often celebrate New Years Eve at home staying up late drinking Prosecco […]

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Christmas markets to see in italy

04 December, 2019 | Amy Doherty

The Top Christmas Markets to see in Italy

 The Top Christmas Markets to see in Italy It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and Italy sure knows how to make Christmas extra magical with its Top Christmas Markets! From grilled polenta to vin brulé, Italians take the evening passeggiata (casual stroll) up a few notches in December. Don’t forget!  We offer private […]

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14 December, 2018 | Amy Doherty

What Ancient Rome Was Really Like: A Different Tour of Rome

Sometimes I think that Rome is referred to as The Eternal City because that’s really how long you’d need to discover its secrets – an eternity. You might think that once you’ve seen the obligatory sights, that you’ve “done” Rome but that would be a blasphemous thing to say. If anything, Rome is the one […]

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12 July, 2018 | Amy Doherty

Off The Beaten Path: Rome

Rome. Now more than ever, a city synonymous with living history is increasingly admired every single day by thousands of tourists. If you ask Rome, she’s flattered but also learning to keep her deepest secrets to herself. While many other cities are easier to navigate without extensive research, to get off the beaten path in […]

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Rome with kids

11 January, 2018 | Amy Doherty

Rome Tour: Family-Friendly Tips

Traveling to large cities presents families with the challenge of trying to enjoy a vacation while minimizing the number of times the kids complain about being tired or bored. Rome, though not necessarily a child-focused city, is a child-friendly city that provides families with ample opportunities to keep children engaged. Balance Sightseeing with Play Rome […]

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