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31 March, 2020 | Amy Doherty

50 Interesting Facts about Italy

If you want to travel to Italy someday then these 50 facts about Italy might come in handy. Learn about how the volcano in Sicily can disrupt travel plans, how tip is already included in the bill at restaurants, and which city is the most visited city in Italy so you can plan accordingly and […]

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st.Mark's Basilica the top

04 February, 2019 | Amy Doherty

The best Basilicas to visit in Italy

When people think about an Italy trip, there are often a few keywords that tend to pop up again and again. Words like pizza and gelato and piazza and Prada, but another one that can’t be avoided is: churches. So you obediently whip out your Excel spreadsheet planner for your upcoming trip and start typing […]

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