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27 March, 2020 | Amy Doherty

What to do in quarantine for Italy lovers

For all of us Italy lovers out there stuck in our homes looking at the calendar wondering what to do in quarantine this post is for you! Maybe you’ve had to cancel your trip, or rearrange plans, maybe you’re wondering how to be productive with your time right now. Well we’ve thought of you and […]

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Italian republic day

15 May, 2017 | Amy Doherty

What is Italy’s Republic Day

The Festa della Repubblica celebrates the birth of the Republic of Italy. Celebrated annually on June 2nd, it commemorates the 1946 referendum that, following the Second World War and the fall of Fascism, ended the Italian monarchy and created the Republic of Italy that we know today. Each year the day is celebrated with a […]

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Saint Mark's day in Venice

18 April, 2017 | Amy Doherty

Saint Mark’s Day in Venice

The 25th of April is incredibly important for all Italians, it being the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from the Nazi occupation and the end of the Italian Civil War. It is also the feast day of St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice. Although no excuse is ever needed to visit Venice anytime […]

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April fools day in Italy

01 April, 2017 | Amy Doherty

April Fool’s Day in Italy: the “pesce d’aprile”

Around the world the first day of April is associated with pranks and foolishness, but how do the Italians celebrate? Typically, the Italians’ favourite prank involves attempting to stick small paper fish to each other’s backs unnoticed (hence the name – these little fish are called pesciolino). The prankster will, having successfully attached the fish […]

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Florence bridges

27 March, 2017 | Amy Doherty

Italy in Spring

There are many advantages to visiting Italy in spring. The sun is shining and the skies are clear, but the heat is not as intense as in the summer months. The high season for tourists has not yet begun, making it the perfect time to visit if you are interested in places such as Rome […]

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Italian olives easter tradition

06 March, 2017 | Amy Doherty

What to do during Easter in Italy

Easter, or Pasqua, is an incredibly important holiday for Italians. Because of how important the holiday is to them, and it being a long weekend in Italy, Easter is an amazing time to experience the Italian culture. Parades and celebrations are held throughout the weekend in every town in the country, with the local statues […]

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