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Amalfi coast at night

Why You Should Choose a Private Italy Tour

In the day and age of “DIY”, Pinterest, and an infinite number of online resources that help people plan their perfect Italy vacation, you might think that private tours have had to take a backseat but that would be far … Read More

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restaurants in italy

My Favorite Restaurants in Italy

Italy is home to some of the best cuisine in the world. But where to start? Amy Doherty from Luxe Travel has chosen some of her favorites in Rome, Milan & Venice.  What are your favorite restaurants in Italy? … Read More

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Verona Arena

The Verona Arena

Great acoustics for live shows, an amazing venue, an ancient Roman amphitheater – just like Colosseum, but you are in the center of Verona. Yes, I said live shows because the Verona Arena is an open-air venue where you can … Read MoreRead More

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Tuscan food

A Food Lover’s Guide to Italy: Tuscany

Though those of us outside of Italy tend to lump all Italian dishes under the term “Italian food,” cuisine in Italy is characterized by distinct regional differences- just as the scenery changes from Lombardia to Umbria, so too will the … Read More

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Venice sustainable travelling

Venice for the Sustainable Traveller

Rising out of the blue water in Venice’s Grand Canal, a sculpture of large, white hands lending their support to the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel’s façade quickly became one of the most popular Instagram shots in the city in 2017. Put … Read More

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David up close

An Art Lover’s Guide to Florence

Florence. Birthplace of the Renaissance, the “Athens of the Middle Ages,” and a city that continues to inspire artists today. Each year, art lovers from around the globe can be found making a pilgrimage to Tuscany’s capital to see breath-taking … Read More

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Rome with kids

Rome Tour: Family-Friendly Tips

Traveling to large cities presents families with the challenge of trying to enjoy a vacation while minimizing the number of times the kids complain about being tired or bored. Rome, though not necessarily a child-focused city, is a child-friendly city … Read More

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Saint Mark's day in Venice

Saint Mark’s Day in Venice

The 25th of April is incredibly important for all Italians, it is the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from the Nazi occupation and the end of the Italian Civil War. It is also the feast day of St. Mark, … Read More

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Italian olives easter tradition

What to do during Easter in Italy

Easter, or Pasqua, is an incredibly important holiday for Italians. Because of how important the holiday is to them, and it is a long weekend in Italy, Easter is an amazing time to experience the Italian culture. Parades and celebrations … Read More

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emergency services in Italy

Emergency Services in Italy

While we all hope that our holidays will be nothing but fun, occasionally emergencies can happen. It is always wise to know who to call in such a situation, and having the information handy provides peace of mind. Here is … Read More

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public transport in Rome

Guide to Public Transport in Rome

While most of Rome’s most famous sites are within walking distance of each other, there are many located further out in the city that you won’t want to miss. If you want a truly local experience, public transport is the … Read More

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gluten free Rome

Luxe’s Guide to Gluten-Free Dining in Rome

While it’s becoming ever-easier to find gluten-free options while traveling, they’re not always simple to locate when you touch down in a strange city. Our guide to some of the best gluten-free dining in Rome should make your holiday more … Read More

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best restaurants in rome

Luxe’s Top 20 Restaurants in Rome

Rome is one of the foodie capitals of the world, but that doesn’t mean – unfortunately – that you always eat well or pay the right price. Like any city with a major influx of visitors, there are still a … Read More

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beer bars in Rome

10 Best Bars in Rome

While there’s plenty of information around about good places to eat in Rome, it can sometimes be tricky to locate the right bar for an afternoon drink, pre-dinner glass of wine, or a late-night cocktail. Never fear! We’ve rounded up … Read More

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rome in a day

A Day in Rome video

We recently came across this magnificent tribute video to Rome by local photographer and film maker Oliver Astrologo and wanted to share it with you.  It expresses Rome’s beauty, history and every day life in a stunning visual feast. We … Read More

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Beautiful landscape of Val d'Orcia.

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