public transport in Rome

11 June, 2015 | Amy Doherty

Mobile app for public transport tickets in Rome

A new Smartphone app for purchasing public transport tickets for Rome’s bus, tram, trains and Metros A& B has been launched by provider ATAC. The BIPiu’ system, which comes into effect on 28 May, can also be used on Roma Tpl suburban buses and Cotral regional coaches, and will soon be available for Metro C. […]

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Ancient Rome forum of Augustus

27 April, 2015 | Amy Doherty

Journeys through Ancient Rome

Journeys through Ancient Rome A narrated light show of the ancient forums of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar Hosted by the Sovritendenza Beni Culturali di Roma from April 25 – November 1, 2015 the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar will be brought to life starting at 8:30pm  every evening. The ruins of these imperial forums will come […]

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trains in italy

19 March, 2015 | Amy Doherty

Travelling by train in Italy

Here’s a fabulous guide to train travel in Italy.  We highly suggest travelling via either FrecciaRossa or Italo to and from the major cities they service throughout Italy.  It will save you time and money (particularly if you book early) and you avoid the hassle of airport queues and delays.  Not to mention you get […]

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