Emergency Services in Italy

emergency services in Italy

While we all hope that our holidays will be nothing but fun, occasionally emergencies can happen. It is always wise to know who to call in such a situation, and having the information handy provides peace of mind. Here is the information you need to be prepared and to keep your family and friends safe in Italy.

Telephone Numbers for the Italian Emergency Services

All the following numbers are free to call if you are calling from a landline or public telephone. Charges will apply when called from a mobile phone.

112: Carabinieri

This number is the general emergency number throughout the EU (similar to 911 or 999 in the US/UK), but in Italy, it will connect you to the Carabinieri. The Carabinieri are one of the police forces present in Italy, and they are mainly concerned with national defense and serious crimes.

113: Polizia

The Polizia is the second main police force present in Italy, and they are mostly concerned with low-level, common crime. Although 112 is the emergency number, it is recommended that you call the Polizia before the Carabinieri in less serious cases.

114: Emergenza Infanzia

This is the number to call for any emergencies involving children.

115: Vigili dei Fuoco

This number will connect you to the fire-brigade.

116: A. C. I.

This is the number of the Italian Automobile Club, to be called in the case of any roadside emergencies.

118: Emergenza Sanitaria

This is the number to call for an ambulance or any medical emergencies.

We advise you to make sure that, if needed, you have valid medical insurance that covers you during your time abroad.

From all of us here at Luxe Travel, we wish you a safe and happy trip to Italy!

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