Guide to Public Transport in Rome

public transport in Rome

While most of Rome’s most famous sites are within walking distance of each other, there are many located further out in the city that you won’t want to miss. If you want a truly local experience, public transport is the way to go. It is during the time spent waiting at bus stops and metro platforms that locals are met and friends are made in Rome.  Here is all the information you need to help you get around the city.


Rome has a single type of public transport ticket that can be used across all services. You must purchase your ticket before the start of your journey. Single journey tickets last for 100 minutes and they can be purchased at any Tabacchi (look out for signs displaying a large blue or black ‘T’) or newspaper stand and inside metro stations. The tickets cost €1.50 each. 24 hour, 48 hours, 72 hour, weekly, and monthly tickets may also be purchased at these locations. Tickets must be validated at the beginning of each journey, either at the yellow boxes located inside the buses and trams or at the turnstiles in the metro stations. Traveling without tickets will result in fines.

Buses and Trams

Bus and tram stops are indicated by large yellow signs that display which lines may be taken from each location. Information on when they will arrive can be found on (the transport service website) which has an English language option or, at some locations, green electronic signs which give live updates on arrival times. Bus and tram arrival times may also be found on ATAC’s app (download information is included at the bottom of this post). Although does provide a route planning service, we find Google Maps to be a more user-friendly way of finding out which buses you will need to take.


Rome has three metro lines: lines A, B, and C. Metro maps can be found in all stations and online easily. Although they are useful for reaching destinations outside the city center, there is minimal coverage of the city center itself.


Rome is famous for its strikes, and indeed they have become an essential part of daily life in Rome. Strikes are announced in advance on and services are required to run until 08.30 am and then from 17.00-20.00 pm, but there is no guarantee of services between those times. All information regarding strikes can be found on the website or on ATAC’s  app.

To download the ATAC app, follow the relevant links from this webpage:

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