New Years in Italy Celebrated like a Local

If you’re planning on having New Years in Italy check out some of these typical events that locals enjoy!

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The traditions hold strong in Italy

Families often celebrate New Year’s Eve at home staying up late drinking Prosecco and cheering saying Auguri (wishes) to everyone when the clock hits midnight. The tables are usually full of Panettone and Pandoro, nuts and citrus fruit from Sicily, and chocolate. There will always be some aunt in the kitchen making lentils for everyone to eat in a hurry. Italians believe that lentils bring good luck and fortune, and each little piece represents coins.

The atmosphere leading up to New Years’ in Italy, Capodanno – actually translated as the “head of the year”, couldn’t be more cozy surrounded by extended family, good wine, and a roaring fire. Most old homes in Italy have fireplaces and Italians being frugal as they are using it for what it’s worth roasting chestnuts and grilling bread just to have in case someone gets hungry.

Fireworks galore

Many towns will set off fireworks lasting almost an hour at times. Sometimes the fireworks can sound like bombs from WWII, but don’t worry-they’re just over-enthusiastic Italians celebrating the New Year! You can buy small fireworks in negozi cinesi Chinese shops which are like discounted dollar stores, at Christmas markets, and road-side vendors as well.

A night at the disco

After the family Auguri, young and middle-aged adults head out around 1 am to party into the night dancing the past away! Some restaurants actually are made for occasions like these-built with a discoteca next to the restaurant! Many will eat out at the restaurants with the whole family and once the clock hits midnight they go to the next hall to dance and let their kids sleep on the couches.

Dancing and loud music are not for everyone though. Some may go to their city center to view the Christmas tree and hear live music either with singing or orchestra, there are always different types.

New Years day

On New Year’s day, people still get together with family and eat together or go out to fancy restaurants enjoying fish or slow-cooked meats. Usually, this happens during lunch as lunch is considered the main meal in Italy. The lunch can last from 1-5 pm. After this people go home to take naps, change, and then head back out to visit other family members. The whole Christmas and New Year period in Italy is a very social activity.

How can I participate as a traveler?

So how can you participate in New Years’ in Italy as a traveler you might be asking yourself? Book a nice restaurant that combines music and a view of the fireworks! Many restaurants advertise to celebrate New Years’ with them. After that enjoy a late-night passeggiata in the city center and you’ll be sure to find lots of activity in the wee hours of the night!

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