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We are proud of the community of people we have curated over time.


We at Luxe Associates Travel believe in offering quality service to each and every client no matter what tour or city they go to. Our guides are carefully selected to fit with our company culture and branding. We are proud of the community of people we have curated over time. All of our guides are licensed guides in Italy, and are educated, passionate, and descriptive.

Rome Guides

Amy Doherty

Amy Doherty

Owner at Luxe Associates Travel and local Roman citizen, Amy is the perfect guide to give you in-depth knowledge about Italy and its history!

Inger Guide Rome


Inger has immersed herself in the art, history, food, and lifestyle of the Eternal city. On tour she shows the years spent researching, weaving together ancient monuments, medieval streets, and baroque churches.

Elisa Guide


Tour guide or archeologist? I love to be the two. I graduated from the University La Sapienza of Rome with a degree with honors in classical archaeology. I’m specialized in ancient architecture and marbles. I really, really like to take pictures. And, not to brag, but I’m pretty good at choosing the perfect backdrop for your souvenir photo.

Elisa Guide Rome


Elisa has a masters degree in archaeology and years of experience in excavations. She has got a witty personality, leading the tours in a personable way and transporting the tourists with funny anectodes in the past.

Kylie Rome Guide Luxe Associates Travel


I am an Australian art historian obsessed with early pre-historic Italy to the country’s modern culture of today. I am truly fascinated as by how our current western world has largely developed from influences of ancient Rome and Renaissance Florence. I’ll take you on a journey back in time with the incredible stories of Italy’s Past, People, Places and Particular Genius.

Francesca Rome Guide Luxe tours


Hi, I’m Francesca! I’m an art historian & have a Master degree in Museum Education. I specialise in tours for children & families. I can’t wait to bring the history of Rome to life for you!

Letizia Rome Tour Guide Luxe Associates Travel


I'm an art historian with a master in Tourism. I have been in love with Rome since I was a child, with its immense history, monuments and architectures and all the villas places around the city. I also love food, sport and cinema. One of the things I appreciate the most with my job is being in contact with many cultures coming from different countries. Rome is always full of surprises with its beauties as well as people coming from all over the world. I can define myself attentive kind and generous.

Naples/Amalfi Coast Guides



“Living as a local and knowing this land is absolutely necessary as a guide in order to transmit the language and tradition, the history, art, and beauty of this extraordinary city!” “Our guests are never clients, but people in which we dedicate attention and professionalism, while at the same time sharing our passion”

Venice Guides

Giorgia Guide Venice


“I feel so lucky being a tour guide: it is the job I had dreamt about since being a teenager, perfectly mixing my two greatest passions at University: Art history and Foreign Languages! Venice is filled with fascinating details and traces of the past. To me, it feels like a gigantic “time machine” where every tour magically turns into a journey back in time. I can’t wait to show you around!”

Florence Guides

Viola Guide


I was born and raised in Florence, have an Art History degree and a Visual Arts Degree. I love Art, good wine, food and walking a lot! My favourite tours are with families: kids always have the best questions!

Eleonora Guide Florence


Also born and raised in Florence, being a tour guide was always my desire!! It’s a dream for me, showing people from all over the world my beautiful city! I graduated in Tourism at the University of Florence. Each year I attend follow up courses for tour guides to improve my knowledge.

Cooking Instructor

Orlando cooking class


A local Roman born and raised by an Italian mamma, Orlando knows his food! He loves to use fresh produce and is adventurous in the kitchen.

Food Guides



Living all over the Mediterranean from a young age this sparked great curiosity about the past which I pursued further with a degree in History. My professional experience has allowed me to study gastronomy and the world of wine so that today I can combine all of my knowledge to offer guests food experiences that will inspire and delight.

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