Strolling Siena’s Heart

Strolling Siena’s Heart Tour Duration 2.5 hours
Strolling Siena’s Heart Tour Mode Walking
Strolling Siena’s Heart Price Contact

Strolling Siena’s Heart

Siena, the jewel of Tuscany is not just famous for its annual Palio.  The historic centre is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, a nod to its medieval roots that are evident today from the buildings themselves to the superb urban planning that made Siena a rival city to Florence.

Tour Description

Though the years passed, Siena maintained Gothic features that were acquired between the 12th and 15th centuries, these details and even more will be shared with you on this walking tour that will transport history lovers to heaven. Be prepared to feel as if you’ve entered a completely different world walking the cobblestoned streets of Siena.

The whole city is incredibly well-preserved, welcoming tourists from around the world. You’ll visit its famous 13th century Duomo with its extraordinary works by Donatello, Bernini, and the young Michelangelo. Meander down side streets, flanked by terracotta stone and thousands of years of history and stories. If only those walls could talk, but since they can’t, lend an attentive ear to your guide for fun facts along the way.

And finally when it’s time to give your feet a rest, don’t hesitate to sit down in the middle of Piazza del Campo like all the locals and students!

Sites Visited

  • The Duomo
  • Piazza del Campo

Itinerary Details

This walking tour is 2.5 hours long

Wine tastings can be added to this itinerary

Starting Position

Who will be my guide?

Eleonora will be your licensed guide.

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