Trastevere Food Tour (Evening food tour of Rome)

The perfect tour for a foodie who wants to explore new flavours!

Trastevere Food Tour (Evening food tour of Rome) Tour Duration 4 hours
Trastevere Food Tour (Evening food tour of Rome) Tour Mode Walking
Trastevere Food Tour (Evening food tour of Rome) Price Contact

The Trastevere Food Tour will have you feeling like you’ve jumped into a postcard!

Wander through one of the most famous Roman neighborhoods during the Trastevere Food Tour

Tour Description

One of the best food and wine tours in Italy is located in the cobblestone alleyways of Trastevere. Imagine walking with the sun setting on your face while you sample the best food Rome has to offer!

Discover businesses that have their roots grounded in the community, and delicious street food which is identical to Roman eating habits. Get to know the lives of the locals in this memorable evening food walk.

During your food walk you will visit a biscottificio (biscuit bakery) complete with an original oven from the 1940s. You will be able to chat with the owner, Stefania, about the history of her family.

Sample different biscuits all made with organic stone ground flour, and gentle flavours of local almonds and jams. Imagine yourself enjoying these biscuits every morning for breakfast as the locals do.

Bite into a freshly fried ‘suppli’ (fried rice appetiser) tasting its crunchy breaded exterior with melted mozzarella and ragú oozing from the inside. From mid-morning snack to a late night fix, this fried treat is the most common street food in Rome to be found nowhere else.

In this taste tour Explore different varieties of cured meats and cheeses that go beyond the simple prosciutto and parmigiano. From liver and orange salame to raw milk pecorino let us show you what local producers are excited about.

If you’re channelling your inner Italian you can move onto the holy trinity of pastas that define Roman staples. Try some creamy cacio e Pepe pasta, and rustic amatriciana from the outskirts of Rome. Last, not to be missed, is an authentic carbonara.

Learn about the ingredients in these dishes so that you can try making them at home with all the secrets your expert guide will share with you.

Have no fear! This is also a wine tasting tour. You will try various local wines with your local guide helping you along the way. We will introduce you to some native (more than 300) grape varieties which make up the real heritage of this country.

Since the 1980s Italy has also caught up with the craft brewery scene and has since created some award-winning beers that you will find here.

On the Trastevere food tour we will also visit the famous Basilica of Santa Maria of Trastevere as well as enjoy the piazzas (squares) which Romans use to leisurely lounge in such as Piazza Trilussa.

Sites Visited

  • Trastevere neighbourhood
  • Biscottificio (biscuiteria)
  • Basilica of Santa Maria
  • Piazza Trilussa

Itinerary Details

We will start our food and wine tour in the beautiful neighbourhood Trastevere.

Start time: 4:30pm

Meeting Point: Front entrance of the Basilica of Santa Cecilia, in the Piazza di Santa Cecilia

*All food and wine in this tour are payable as you go, giving you flexibility to pick and choose what you want to try*

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Starting Position

Who will be my guide?

Marta will be your licensed food tour guide in Rome. An Italian foodie, Marta is the perfect local food expert to lead the way!

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