What To Do In Quarantine For Italy Lovers

For all of us, Italy lovers out there stuck in our homes looking at the calendar wondering what to do in quarantine this post is for you!

Maybe you’ve had to cancel your trip or rearrange plans, maybe you’re wondering how to be productive with your time right now. Well, we’ve thought of you and have got you covered!

Here is our list of things to do in quarantine…all things Italian!

1. Learn Italian

Take this extra free time you have and start finally learning Italian. Don’t know where to start? Contact us here if you’d be interested in learning Italian from our expert guides! Practice the basics that you need to know in our live class! Ask questions, check your pronunciation, and do the quizzes online together so that you can really make sure that you’re learning.

Rather learn on your own? No problem! Here is a list of books we’ve personally used in our Italian language learning journey.

Easy Italian Step-by-Step

A book for complete beginners looking to learn it all from grammar to vocab, practice along the way, and see your progress.

Better Reading Italian

if you like a leisure read but want to learn along the way. Read different texts with different difficulty levels from newspaper articles to poems to blog posts. After each reading, there are exercises to test your comprehension and teach you key vocabulary. This book is one of my personal favorites when I need a mental break from all the grammar. Get this book.

Hide this Italian Book

This pocket-size book can come in handy for travelers who are looking for the street version of Italian vs what’s taught in schools. It’s fun and entertaining, but just for adults. Check it out here.

Nuova Grammatica Pratica della Lingua Italiana

If you’re serious about learning Italian then this the bible of all Italian learning books. Specifically chosen by my old Italian teacher, this book will teach you all the grammar concepts you need to know with lots of tests and fun exercises along the way.

Grammatica Avanzata della Lingua Italiana

After you complete the first book Nuova Grammatica then you can get this one. You’ll be a pro and speak Italian better than the Italians!

2. Plan your next trip to Italy

Hey, there’s more to do than stack your rolls of toilet paper. While sitting on your paper mountain thinking about what to do in quarantine just plan your next trip to Italy!

I know many of you have had to cancel or re-schedule, well now is the time to make sure your next Italian trip has all the bells and whistles, the icing on the cake with the cherry on top.

Check out our custom tours page and think about doing some private walking tours to get the most out of your holiday.

3. Start cooking Italian food

It’s about time. Your Nonna has been looking down on you for years with the hope that you’d get it together. Well, make her proud! Check out our favorite Skillshare class hosted by Eataly cook that shows how to make some basic Italian dishes. It’s free and fun!

4. Check out these UNESCO sites

Did you know that Italy has the most UNESCO sites in the world? Crazy isn’t it. Learn about them here and surprise your history buff family member with all your knowledge during your next trip!

5. Read these 50 facts about Italy

You never know when you’re going to need to know these tidbits of information – read the post here!

6. Watch our favorite Italian movies on Netflix

There’s more to do than checking up on COVID updates every 5 seconds. I mean come on guys, the clock won’t tick like that! Ever wonder what movies Italians watch? What’s famous on this side of the pond? Here’s our shortlist of movies to watch if you’re wondering what to do in quarantine!

La Vita è Bella (won 3 Oscars, probably the most famous classic in Italy about a Jewish family trying to survive during the war)

Benvenuti al Sud (one of the favorite comedies among Italians about the cultural difference between the north and the south of Italy)

Houseboat (one of the most famous movies by actress Sophia Loren (aka the Italian Marilyn Monroe)

Sole a Catinelle (Funny comedy featuring Checco Zalone who is like the Italian Adam Sandler, full of blatant funny jokes)

La Strada (An old film by famous director Fellini that won an Academy award)

Thanks for reading! We will get through this together.

If you’d be interested in a bespoke private tour experience in Italy, or would just like some top tips for your vacation – get in touch with our team today by filling in the form on our Custom Tours page.

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